Top 5 Web Designs to Keep in Mind for 2021

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With 2021 around the corner, it’s time for a fresh start.

Now is the perfect time for your brand to evolve and adapt to the new, mostly digitised, world that businesses and consumers are learning to navigate.

However you choose to shake things up, the most important update you can make is to your web design. Keep reading for the 2021 web design trends that will make your brand’s site worth a visit.

Why is Web Design so Important?

A captivating, easy-to-navigate website has been essential to successful branding for a while now. But in 2021, your brand’s online presence will be more important than ever.

A recent survey showed that, due to the pandemic, more than 50% of participants shop online more frequently. COVID-19 has accelerated the shift towards eCommerce and forced brands to prioritize their digital presence.

While social media and digital marketing are key, your website is the foundation of your online presence. Without a well-designed website, your business is going to struggle to keep up with the digital revolution. In fact, research shows that 94% of first impressions about a webpage are design-related.

5 Important Web Design Trends for 2021

With 2020 plunging the world into chaos, web design trends for 2021 are all about calm and order. The following trends focus on making websites as functional and as easy to navigate as possible. 2021 will also see a shift towards simple but striking design and animation elements. Let’s explore these trends in more depth.

1. Better UX

UX, or user experience, refers to how consumers engage with the functionality of your website. User experience has always been an integral part of good web design, but with 2021 bringing more people online than before, your site has to be extra-easy to navigate.

This involves streamlining your website’s content into clearly-marked sections and pages. It also involves having a clear home page and ensuring that people know exactly where to find the information they’re looking for.

2. E-commerce Made Easy

Keep in mind that, with the mass migration to online shopping, consumers of all ages should be able to easily make an online purchase on your website.

This means that the e-commerce functionality on your web page should run seamlessly. Make purchasing easy with features such as auto-fill forms for quick registration and completing purchases in as few clicks as possible. Also, ensure that your site has an FAQ section with detailed instructions on how to make purchases and return items if possible.

3. Abstract Design

Any web designer will tell you that visuals make or break a website. 2021’s online visuals will be characterized by abstract shapes and patterns. Think overlays of bold geometric and amorphic shapes in a variety of colours and tones.

4. Toned Down Colours

Web designs are gravitating towards softer, more muted colours in their composition. These muted tones are better suited to increased screen time as they’re much easier on the eyes. So, while bold is still best, make your design eye-catching by combining abstract shapes in softer colour palettes.

5. Scrolling Magic

Attention to detail takes your webpage from average to outstanding. One of the best ways to put the finishing design touches on your site is to consider scrolling effects. Parallax scrolling refers to a technique wherein background images move more slowly than foreground images as the user scrolls. Parallax scrolling is a great way to give your visuals a bit of extra depth.

Scrolling animations, where your visuals are enhanced by moving or changing elements as the user scrolls, are also excellent for creating unique web designs when done right.

Web Design Made Simple

Web design is an integral part of any brand’s online presence, particularly as consumers become increasingly digitized. As we begin to adjust to a new normal in 2021, your business success will depend on effectively drawing consumers to your site. Grants of up to 5,000 euros are available for small businesses to overhaul their websites in preparation for the new year. If you’re looking for expert advice on making your website beautiful and functional, get in touch today!

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