How to Choose a Website Designer – The Top Tips to Know

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When you want to optimize your internet presence, a sleek and user-friendly website is a must. In fact, nearly 40% of buyers will stop interacting with a website if they consider the website design unattractive!

Yet, the behind-the-scenes work required to get yours up and running may exceed the time, energy and specialized skill that your in-house team possesses.

In this case, it’s easiest and most effective to hire a website designer to perform the work for you. Are you considering making this investment? Today, we’re sharing our top tips to help you choose the right agency for the job.

Ensure Project Understanding

Great web design is about more than a sleek-looking site. The pages created should also be easy to navigate, content-rich and serve a relevant purpose. The team you hire should understand your company’s goals and follow your overall vision for the project.

Before hiring, ask about the design principles they will follow. How will they communicate the ideas you want to express? What fonts, colours and imagery do they think would work best?

These introductory questions can help you understand their overall approach to your project and what you can expect moving forward.

Ask For a Project Brief From Your Website Designer / Agency

A project brief is a document that outlines the design process that a prospective agency will follow. The ones you receive should be thoughtful and well-written, giving you a clear picture of how the finished project will look.

It will cover key areas including:

  • An overview of your business
  • The goals and objective of your web design
  • Your target audience and market
  • Issues with your current site
  • Competitor data
  • Project timeline
  • Proposed budget

Compare the briefs you receive, taking note of how each agency’s points align with your expectations.

Prioritize Industry Expertise

Inquire how long the web design agency has been in the business. While everyone has to start somewhere, your website is too critical to trust to an amateur.

If you have an e-commerce site, do they have experience using tools such as Shopify? Are they familiar with other common content management systems, including WordPress?

A qualified team doesn’t necessarily need an academic background in web design, but they should have plenty of industry experience. They should also be well-versed in the different computer coding languages required to create a functional website, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, among others.

Understand the Timeline

Before you hire anyone, you should have a clear understanding of how long the web design project will take. In addition, make sure you know the different aspects that will go into the scope of work.

Is the designer creating a site from scratch or simply revamping your existing one? Will there be a high degree of customization required and if so, how will this affect the timeline? The design brief should cover most of these points, but if there are any grey areas, make sure to clarify them before moving forward.

Extensive downtime can cost your brand in lost profits and user views, so prioritize a designer who can get the job done well, and quickly.

Don’t Forget Team Chemistry

Of course, the best design agency in the world can be rendered ineffective if they aren’t a great fit with your team. As they design your new site, they’ll likely be working closely with other members of your staff, including marketers, salespersons, and other department leads.

Make sure their personality melds well with the others that currently report to your office. Even if the designer works remotely, the communication and teamwork should be easy, comfortable and professional at every turn.

Grow Your Business With a Website Designer

The right website designer or agency can be an incredible asset to your business. As you consider making this investment, the tips listed above can help you navigate your options and choose the right expert for the job.

Ready to outsource your web design project to a local, industry-leading digital agency that can help you transform your corner of the internet? Contact our team today to book a free consultation.

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