Stop Paying For Traffic

Stop Paying For Traffic To Rank In 2019

As we along and we go over the top trends for 2019, something true is unfolding in terms of traffic and conversions on the world wide web.

For those of you still employing paid traffic channels to build your funnels and improve your visibility, you might start noticing that 2019 is all about high quality, high ranked, relevant and long form written content organic high quality traffic to build your own funnels

PPC & Traffic

Yes, its true PPC is getting highly automated and there are no short cuts to building your traffic by posting high quality and relevant posts to what you as a website are about! It is surprising but content cannot be 400 words of technical and boring content. We live in the era of quick 2 minute bits- ” I am here, this is what I like kind of era” where video is king.

For those of you who are yet to see the effectiveness of video marketing and using Youtube ( the second biggest search engine) as a tool for promotion and attracting high-quality traffic, you would be surprised to see the effectiveness of videos. By videos here, I mean a maximum of two minute long videos talking to the point, no-nonsense videos. Believe me, when I say this but by producing videos for a previous client for less than 150 euro a video we sold cars in excess of 60,000 Euro, building up their video content and directing traffic to highly relevant pages on their website paid off huge dividends, of course, I won’t be naming the brand but my point here is when people want to see, feel and want to know what your brand is all about then what is the point of the bumped search ads sitting on top of popular search engines or having thousands of paid likes going nowhere on social media? This is why we always suggest the client to stop paying for traffic first and re-work their strategies right from the top funnel to the lowest converting funnel.

This does not mean that you stop all your efforts and create hundreds of videos but you should start offloading your efforts in paying for your ranks and start concentrating on a solid organic and video content strategy which should dictate what you are all about and sell what is relevant more effectively.


Try asking yourself how many blogs do you actually read? When is the last time you bought something after reading line after line about products? I wouldn’t be surprised if you realize the value of organic channels and how important it is to adopt a no non-sense video strategy!

So, let’s hope 2019 brings out the best in your content strategy plan along with some innovative-video marketing which will make this new year a more successful and fruitful year!

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