WordPress vs Shopify – A Comparative Guide

WordPress and Shopify are some of the biggest names in web development and their platforms only continue to grow.

A whopping 38.5 percent of all online websites are powered by WordPress. Yet, standout names such as BBC, Tesla, and Heinz use Shopify to broadcast their brand.

For those looking for a web platform to broadcast their own brand, choosing between WordPress vs. Shopify is a significant decision. Each platform offers specific tools to help you get the most out of them, so here’s what you can expect.

The Best of Shopify Features

Shopify offers easy online store management for vendors and easy navigation for customers. At a glance its best features include:

  • Integration of multiple sales channels (social media, etc.)
  • Finance reports
  • Customer gift cards
  • Discount codes
  • Automated cart recovery notices
  • Fraud analysis
  • Customer support

These are just a few of Shopify’s benefits, but these features alone streamline the entire online buying process.

The Best of WordPress Features

WordPress is designed to help you create the perfect atmosphere for customers to learn about your business and interact with you. That’s why it largely includes a library of content writing and design features:

  • Over 200 website themes
  • Email marketing plug-ins
  • Site visitor account registration
  • Spam protection
  • Comments and comments moderation
  • Customer support

With WordPress, you don’t have to sell products necessarily. You simply need a brand and valuable content to offer your site visitors.

The Biggest Difference Between WordPress vs. Shopify?

Shopify is designed for eCommerce, but WordPress is typically associated with blogging and website structures besides eCommerce.

Do you need a website that directly sells and distributes online products? If so, Shopify is likely the best fit for you, why not schedule a Free Consultation – we are A Shopify Partner and can help you every step of the way.

On the other hand, if you’re a service-based business that needs a website to promote your professional services, WordPress might serve you better than Shopify.

Although this is the quickest way to compare these platforms, every business should select one based on their comfort level and marketing goals. There are also technical details that distinguish the two platforms from each other.

User Friendliness

For one thing, Shopify is considered more user friendly. You don’t need any technical skills, so you can create and design your store within minutes. Most Shopify themes have beginner templates or drag-and-drop creation features.

This simply means that you can click on buttons or widgets and drag them onto the builder in your own fashion.

WordPress also includes templates. However, its library of tools can be overwhelming. Each theme has different creation capabilities, and many do not have the same drag-and-drop flexibility as Shopify.

You may also have to download plugins like WooCommerce or OptinMonster, which enable business features such as eCommerce and email marketing.


Both WordPress and Shopify are considered “software as a service” (SaaS) platforms. This means that your site functions as a web application through a data cloud.

However, WordPress has another option that allows you to host your website on your own server instead of on the WordPress cloud. You can link WordPress to a code editor and input HTML to micromanage even the smallest details of your site, unlike Shopify.

While this is a bit more technically demanding and involves some coding ability, it gives you an almost endless variety of creative possibilities.

Each platform has a variety of hosting plans with monthly fees. However, there are also grants that can cover up to 90% of your web creation spending costs. ( To Be Updated based on your local LEO)

Is WordPress vs. Shopify Right for You?

If you’re still deciding between WordPress vs. Shopify, we can help you make the right choice for your business. We’ve built over 50 WordPress sites, so our work speaks for us!

Plus, we’re WordPress Silver Engine partners and official partners with Shopify, so we’ve seen the best of both platforms. Contact us today and we’ll help you get started on your site.

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