How AI influences Digital Marketing for Restaurants

digital marketing for restaurants

Have you ever wondered how AI influences Digital Marketing for Restaurants?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is widely being used across a variety of businesses, we all know that but what is the link between AI in digital marketing and eCommerce AI? Let’s first remind you what artificial intelligence is. It’s a machine that performs tasks exactly like a human. The additional benefit of AI machines is their ability to continuously learn and improve.

Naturally, it’s difficult to comprehend how AI in digital marketing benefits. Although AI is very important for it. Firstly, consumer activity has reverted to online, especially owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has caused a technological revolution where advancements through AI have been escalated at a rapid rate. The cause for this is to ensure that businesses continue to stay afloat once reopening, and with the volume of restrictions applied by governments worldwide, restaurants needed to adapt quickly, but without artificial intelligence technologies, this may not have been remotely possible.

It’s not a surprise that restaurants are adapting to the needs of the consumer by applying AI technologies to streamline and evolve their operations and catering to audiences online. With a projected 92% of restaurant traffic now switching to online, restaurants have needed to start realizing eCommerce AI benefits.

An independent study by WEF found that adoption rates were steadily increasing world-wide.

Digital Marrketing for restaurants Adoption rates


Consumers are now turning towards online orders, deliveries and curb-side pickups to enjoy their favourite food. Now, eCommerce AI doesn’t simply just offer restaurants the ability to receive orders online but measuring these metrics through analytics is also very important to assess growth and sales performance. This is a key benefit in switching to eCommerce AI.

AI for restaurants can help project future sales. This is performed by reviewing the previous year’s sales reports and use that as a benchmark to set targets for the upcoming year. Many factors need to be thought off when projecting these, and AI helps to deliver this forecast. The use of AI can deliver forecasting solutions to identify which food and drink sell more and which doesn’t.

Another benefit of eCommerce AI is personalization, where restaurants can go far and beyond with AI in digital marketing certain food services that are favoured by consumers, identified through their browsing history.  Zetatrain is an example tool used in the real world. AI in Restaurants can analyse customer touchpoints such as through campaigns, mobile applications and websites, which helps to deliver a rich user experience through personalized choices.

Inventory management has always been essential for restaurants to stay afloat. Point-of-sale (POS) systems already track food sales and product quantities, but these may not always be accurate. AI in restaurants can easily track this once the dataset is formed to track and update product stock levels in real-time, removing any form of guesswork.

If customers purchase a food order from an eCommerce restaurant, it’s a sign that: A) the restaurant is highly reputable, B) they are satisfied with the food options available, and C) its reviews from other customers are positive. To maintain these key three measures, AI in restaurants can ensure speed, efficiency and food quality by optimizing service and food preparation through the use of order sequencing, designed to control orders and assemble foods accordingly to ensure no errors when it comes to deliveries. These are bottlenecks in kitchen operations that can be avoided easily to speed up customer orders.

eCommerce AI, not just AI in restaurants, is now a very accessible reality for independent restaurants to improve the overall management and efficiency of their general operations. There is strong evidence that AI delivers business value for restaurants to dip into marketing its process with AI to recognize this value along with its benefits to greatly improve its standing.

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