5 Effective Conversion Strategies to Adopt in 2020

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The conversion rate for the average landing page as of 2019 is 4.02 percent, so if you get 100 people on your page, four of them will convert into some type of paying customer.

It is considered good when you hit approximately 10 percent. Do you want just average? Of course, you don’t want far more than just average!

Keep reading, take advantage of these conversion strategies and you won’t have to worry about being average.

Effective Conversion Strategies

There will always be unknown factors contributing to the popularity or downfall of any web presence but there are many actions we can take to make sure the best comes of our creation online.

These are a selection of tools that have found the most success with increasing conversion rates.

1. Optimize for Mobile and Make it Uniform!

This sticks with brand development as well. A look needs to be consistent whether it is on phone, on a tablet, or desktop/laptop. The experience will be jarring if any time the site is pulled up it is different.

At this point, there are more mobile users than ever, with some homes using the phone as their primary point of access for the internet. Mobile optimization is a priority for any website.

2. Testimonials, Reviews, Logos

Allowing for community interaction, reviews, comments, and a dialog will garner a sense of trust between you and your audience.

A social media feed can be funneled into the page and used to enhance the page further with more reviews. Having both good and potentially bad, if there are any, reviews shows that you are open to criticism and are a transparent business person.

3. Decrease load time

Load time affects rates by an incredible amount, to the point that even millisecond differences will change numbers dramatically.

If a page takes three seconds to load, approximately 75 percent of people will have already left the page, according to stress-testing done by DotCom Monitor. You can offer amazing service and have a beautiful site but that will be lost if it is not optimized.

It is worth the time to make sure the site is properly streamlined and all the media is optimized properly. If you are unaware of how to do this, this is a place that the money will be well spent.

Head over to Bespoke Web Design, for all the help you will need in proper web page design and optimization! Load time and poor content management are a thing of the past with the services we can offer!

4. High-Quality Images

Quality images do not have to be incredibly large images, as we know the site must be optimized to help against long load times. But they do have to be well lit and well constructed.

After they are taken they should be properly processed and edited if they need to be and finally optimized and uploaded for use.

Humans are visual creatures and the first thing people will notice, before anything you write, is that terrible grainy image you post.

5. Captivating headline

There was a quote, “When you’ve written your headline, you’ve spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

That right there says it all. The headline needs to grab the reader and it needs to use up all the resources you gave it because there is little left to work with. If that first burst doesn’t grab the visitor there is little to no chance they are going to stay.

Numbers stand out, seeing a statistic makes people want to read more. They want to know why or how. They need to compare it to other things. It is just enough of a story to grab the reader on a line.

The number alone doesn’t tell them enough of a story so they are forced to read on.

Make That Visitor Into A Guest

Use one or use all of the conversion strategies in the improvement of your internet presence, either way, you are now armed with all you need to make those numbers move in the right direction.

After looking at what aspects you want to improve, take a read over at the blog. We have new information about 2020 marketing trends, social media, and all things internet related.

Be sure to follow us on social media as well. Links can be found at the bottom of any page.

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